Drive Ahead! (Unlimited/Unlocked All)

Drive Ahead! (Unlimited/Unlocked All)
Drive Ahead! (Unlimited/Unlocked All)
App NameDrive Ahead!
PublisherDodreams Ltd.
Mod InfoUnlimited/Unlocked All

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Drive Ahead! is a gladiator-oriented car battle, with intense and high-paced battles for players to utilize their driving skills with unique concepts.
If you are a fan of thrilling adventure games, Drive Ahead will be a great game for you. This game will bring you exciting, engaging experiences on the rugged, adventurous tracks. You will be challenged in battles with various vehicles such as off-road vehicles, garbage trucks, tanks, and more. The game has more than 3000 cars with different advantages; try to collect all of those cars to enter the dangerous areas. Along with the game, build a strong army of your vehicles, upgrade and increase their power to face the tough challenges ahead. Prove yourself as a good racer and win the rewards in the game.
Drive Ahead! (Unlimited/Unlocked All)


Drive Ahead is an action driving game for iOS and Android devices. This game aims to use your car to crush your opponent’s helmet, causing the opponent’s car to explode. This game uses pixel graphics, so although this game’s graphics theme is very nice with the exploding details of the vehicle when an opponent hits it, there is no violent content, nothing such as blood and gore.
Besides, this game can also save your playing history and share it with others to see. The game encourages players to record each gaming session for playback as needed, but it also encourages us to post these clips on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook. If you do not want to, then you can still not share these clips as it is not required. It would help if you also took note when sharing clip information to ensure personal information safety.
Drive Ahead! (Unlimited/Unlocked All)


Drive Ahead has straightforward gameplay and easy to use; children can play this game easily from children to adults. This game is completely free and can be played without the Internet to play anytime and anywhere. This is a game where players have to control many different types of vehicles to combat the game’s artificial intelligence. You can play with friends on the same device or a roommate to team up against opponents.
The goal of this game is to try to squeeze each other with your powerful cars. In addition to fighting opponents, players also have to deal with environments filled with bombs and various obstacles. Players can earn points by defeating opponents with their own vehicle or with those obstacles. The first player to win 5 rounds will win the game and earn a lot of cash to buy more vehicles.
Drive Ahead! (Unlimited/Unlocked All)


Crushing your opponent’s car head is an extreme headache for players in this game, especially since it wants to test your patience and how much time you’re willing to spend playing this game. How long. It is challenging to crash into the opponent’s vehicle until it explodes because it controls the opponent’s vehicle, avoiding the player’s crashes very skillfully. Therefore, players must be very unwise and very patient when playing this game.
Drive Ahead is an action game, but it’s not violent; it’s more entertaining. With many different vehicles, you will have the freedom to choose the type of vehicle you want to fight on the dangerous racetracks and many surrounding obstacles. You need to move your car to hit the opponent’s vehicle or lie on the opponent’s vehicle, causing the opponent’s car to explode automatically, and you will be the winner.
Drive Ahead! (Unlimited/Unlocked All)


In a match, there will be 5 levels; whoever wins the previous 5 levels, that player will win and win the corresponding prize. There are 2 rewards that the player can choose from: the available reward and a bigger one, the bigger one, the player must watch the whole video, and you will get that reward. The more rewards you earn, the more money you will have to buy better cars to fight.
Besides, when joining the Rift Riders universe, players will unlock powerful and exclusive games of the game and experience the game’s newest and exciting screens. Explore the quirky Mission Stadiums in Drive Ahead for great rewards while avoiding dangers like robots and aliens in levels.
Drive Ahead! (Unlimited/Unlocked All)
Drive Ahead is an amazing action racing game featuring over 3000 different fighting vehicles. With dangerous gameplay and obstacles surrounding you, prove you are a professional driver to defeat your opponents.