Angry Birds: Transformers (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Angry Birds: Transformers (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Angry Birds: Transformers (MOD, Unlimited Money)
App Name Angry Birds: Transformers
Version 2.13.0
Genre Strategy
Size 448MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money/ Unlocked All

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Angry Birds is a popular casual game series that is widely loved for its simple yet entertaining gameplay. The series has seen a lot of development as well as various entries. Each one has its impressive differences in gameplay and new elements to entertain players. Not only that, but the entries are used as a collab with another series or franchise, and this article will introduce Angry Birds: Transformers. It’s an example entry of collab between two popular series, intended to give players a variety of novelties while at the same time entertaining them with a completely new gameplay structure. Of course, players will still have access to iconic characters and coordinated with the Transformers franchise to create a new image.
Angry Birds: Transformers (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Angry Birds Transformers will adapt new mechanics from many different genres to enrich the gameplay more than the other series’ entries. Of course, it retains the original and traditional gameplay, but with changes in graphics, worlds, and new functions to make each challenge full of fun. The sub-modes are the most prominent in the game, adapting new mechanics and new styles and even featuring impressive Transformers. On top of that, the game will introduce an online leaderboard system, where the best players with maximum points in each level will be honored, and you will have the opportunity to appear on top with the highest points in records.


Angry Birds’ traditional mechanism is to use a slingshot and shoot multi-colored birds against the walls of the enemy, pigs, to destroy them and retrieve the stolen eggs. The war between birds and pigs has been going on for centuries, and they even lasted from previous games up to this point. However, the game introduces new mechanics in player interaction, and players can easily control each slingshot for greater accuracy. Besides the traditional game modes, the extra modes will have many control mechanisms, even changing the atmosphere and enhancing the fun. Now, players will have the opportunity to participate in the transformers’ fierce battles with the Pigcepticon.
Angry Birds: Transformers (MOD, Unlimited Money)


All the game characters are a perfect combination of Birds and Transformers, creating a new image and representing the iconic two franchises in each design. Furthermore, the game will introduce the character system, a mechanic commonly found in role-playing games, and an opportunity for players to unlock new units in each game mode. Of course, each character’s characteristics are different and even have many changes from the original game; even the game will add eye-catching effects to give players entertainment moments. The character system does not have an upgrade function, but it allows players to change the lineup in each challenge or game mode.


With Angry Birds Transformers’ return, its graphics and effects will completely change in style, and familiar with the Transformers theme. Especially the birds, when they can transform continuously depending on the situation to meet the mission’s conditions. The game will add action elements to make the game more exciting, and players can unlock new content through excellent challenges completing. The characters all have impressive characteristics of weapons, vehicles, and other elements, giving players various options to build squads in different game modes.
Angry Birds: Transformers (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Each week, the game will update new content in the game for players to enjoy with friends and give people the opportunity to challenge their skills in each mode. Special activities are presented to special challenges, with a random structure, but the game’s default lineup is chosen. That helps players become more creative, and they can use each bird’s ability to destroy all enemies. Meanwhile, events are places where people join online challenges and receive impressive and attractive rewards like costumes or other miscellaneous items.
Angry Birds: Transformers (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Angry Birds Transformers is also the first game to introduce customizing and changing functions for characters. That makes each character more vibrant and richer, and at the same time, provides little entertainment for players when they can choose from a variety of funny and weird outfits. The conditions for getting skins are completing main gameplay challenges, getting high scores inside extra game modes, and participating in events for exclusive rewards. Things will be exciting if the Transformers can wear costumes and full of humor.
The game is a combination of two famous franchises, aimed at reaching the larger market and at the same time helping it to be widely known amongst players. Meanwhile, the Transformers element is a perfect combination, aiming to enrich the gameplay and give players new experiences when launching them into the sky.