Zapya (MOD, VIP/Subscribed Unlocked)

Zapya (MOD, VIP/Subscribed Unlocked)
Zapya (MOD, VIP/Subscribed Unlocked)
App Name Zapya
Version 6.0
Genre Tools
Size 18MB
Mod Info VIP/Subscribed Unlocked

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Have you ever had trouble sending files to someone but failed? You decide to look for tools that can do quick document sharing but don’t know which software to use effectively. Don’t worry, Zapya – File Transfer, Share Apps & Music Playlist will help you solve all your file sharing needs to any location entirely quickly and efficiently. All your document files will be automatically manipulated in the simplest way between devices via a Wifi connection with the application.
Zapya (MOD, VIP/Subscribed Unlocked)


We often have the habit of converting data to each other through Gmail or backing up via USB port. However, the above methods usually take a lot of time and wait for them to convert successfully. With technology development, users do not need to be too fussy to prepare many devices such as USB or cables to transform, but the files have been converted quickly with just a few simple steps. Zapya easily does any problems encountered when performing the conversion without an internet connection.
In general, the purpose of the development application is to support countries where internet usage is not widespread. The application is considered the fastest and easy document file transfer tool. Compared to the Bluetooth feature, the app’s file transfer speed is 100 times faster than you feel.
Zapya (MOD, VIP/Subscribed Unlocked)


Zapya supports users to share all the data they want to share. For example, large-size documents or songs, videos, images, and more. No matter how large the data file size you want to share, it can be converted entirely easily through the application’s processing. The remarkable thing is that the application also supports users to communicate in any format in any format, whether offline or online. By owning the application, users save travel costs, internet costs and transfer files more efficiently.
Zapya (MOD, VIP/Subscribed Unlocked)


There is a comparison between Zapya and Bluetooth, and this application has won all when converting data of the same size in a certain amount of time. Fast file conversion speed in just a few seconds, the receiving device quickly got the sent data file from the sending device. However, some devices receive mismatches, and the conversion process will take some time. Through the IP address on computers and Android devices, users switch entirely quickly.


When transferring data offline, Android, iOS, or PC devices can do the transmission without an internet connection. The application aims to support more convenient ways to share data in offline mode with nearby receiving devices. Moreover, the application also helps users create more workgroups or invite more objects to whom you frequently transfer files for even faster transfer.
Zapya (MOD, VIP/Subscribed Unlocked)
Or more convenient with creating a personalized QR code, QR code is the most popular and widely used feature today. This helps users save time connecting to that device and finding out the recipient’s information. Any of your files can be transferred from any device with a web browser available for online data sharing. To easily share with people worldwide, please click on the Zapya Transfer feature on the transfer page.


Similar to other backup applications, Zapya still has the feature of automating easy data backup from one device to another. Not only that, but the application also allows users to share many large and diverse files at once.