Takashi Ninja Warrior 2.3.27 (MOD, Unlimited Golds/God Mode)

Takashi Ninja Warrior 2.3.27 (MOD, Unlimited Golds/God Mode)
Takashi Ninja Warrior
App Name Takashi Ninja Warrior
Version 2.3.27
Genre Action
Size 120MB
Mod Info Unlimited Golds/God Mode
Takashi Ninja Warrior – Shadow of Last Samurai, is one of the sword-fighting action games that attract players today, a free-to-play game style programmed to give customers new feelings. Erase old feelings when playing the game. Now you can play the game with highly creative and great gameplay. This is a carefully designed shadow ninja adventure game with unique graphics and vivid fighting sound.
Takashi Ninja Warrior (MOD, Unlimited Golds/God Mode)
Everything in the game is arranged quite simply, easy to manipulate for the user. The gameplay in the game creates so that the player can easily control the progress of the battle. In the medieval battles of Japanese society, the battles in the darkness are fierce and bloody; you are playing the role of a brave assassin in revenge for justice. The game is recognized as one of the 3D ninja games with the best graphics, richly written story is also a place for you to experience the toughest sword fights. As we know, Japan is the cradle of the names of Ninja formed, legends also leave a mark in history, you should also create those memorable names. A worthy Ninja assassin must have all the skills and good qualities, do not forget to upgrade and train your assassin to become formidable in the ninja world.
Takashi Ninja Warrior (MOD, Unlimited Golds/God Mode)


A story that happened in the land is Tochi – a land propagated with its mysterious stories and hidden secrets. Arashi’s son is the young Takashi; he is a Japanese ninja warrior who has been well nurtured and trained in Jutsu. It is he who overthrew Tochi’s corruption, won the highest glory that many people dream of. He is looking for a way to avenge his brothers.

An adventure game of Shadow Ninja is about to begin, preserving and promoting the family tradition of Arashi, the boy Takashi boldly participated in the battle of life and death. Use all the skills and weapons in hand, from axes, hammers, and swords, to defeat evil monsters, creating a thrilling action RPG for players. Samurai Ninja assassins shadow are always fighting hard for fair things, destroying monsters that harm the people. Become a master of stealth skills that no one can stop you, use your skills to kill enemies, and this warrior also participates on other battlefields in Japan.
Takashi Ninja Warrior (MOD, Unlimited Golds/God Mode)


Your character is equipped with many different weapons; you can fight with many weapons in each different hero style. This makes the warrior’s heroic image more diverse. Even in any image, you are fighting for justice. Of course, each weapon has its own properties; you have to choose the right weapon to fight before fighting because each enemy will be strong and weak.

Weapons with serious damage should be used to fight large monsters; you should also have a specialized weapon to promote all strength. In addition to the weapons to fight, you also have various costumes to choose from, the most delicate and unique outfits suitable for Ninja warriors. You should pay attention to choosing the appropriate outfit to camouflage well in the dark, useful for unexpected enemy attacks to make the battle more favorable.
Takashi Ninja Warrior (MOD, Unlimited Golds/God Mode)


You need to check the map before fighting, a large map with many secret paths, terrain that is favorable or unfavorable for you when fighting. A variety of battle terrain games excite more players, secret paths that you can quickly use to attack and avoid enemies. On each map, you get many different valuable rewards. After fighting, you will get rewards; please pay attention because, on each map, the rewards are arranged in random locations. Our game system is set up so that players can upgrade their characters, hone their skills in the best way; you can also store items in their inventory.

Fights with the most fierce Bosses are fierce as the little ninja warrior is fighting with giant monsters. Battle with unique boss monsters, challenge your character to use skill to fight victory. The monsters at the end are diverse as monsters, Ninja masters, or even witches; evil enemies are trying to destroy you. You need to combine many skills against enemies, attack directly with them, or use stealth skills to attack quickly; you should wisely choose each enemy’s right fighting skills.
Takashi Ninja Warrior (MOD, Unlimited Golds/God Mode)
Please quickly download the game Takashi Ninja Warrior to your device to experience the feeling of transforming into the dark Ninja character destroying monsters. To make your entertaining hours more fun, exciting, our game will not disappoint you. Hopefully, players will be satisfied with our game. If you have any feedback, please send us quickly.