RFS – Real Flight Simulator

RFS – Real Flight Simulator
RFS – Real Flight Simulator
App Name RFS – Real Flight Simulator
Version 1.3.7
Genre Simulation
Size 295MB
Mod Info Full Game Paid & Unlocked

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If you have a dream of becoming a pilot and passionate about aircraft, come to RFS – Real Flight Simulator. This is an application that can help you explore and experience special situations while on the plane. Besides, you will be able to observe the entire country in the world with sanitary maps. What are you waiting for without downloading it to join now !!!
RFS – Real Flight Simulator


When participating in this game, you will play the role of an actual pilot. You can work in a private space, go anywhere in the world. In addition, you can learn more about the procedures and rules of air traffic. While on the plane, you will also be able to talk and get to know other pilots, especially you can join together. Besides, you must know how to manage flight plans well and work with controller continuity. You must know the weather conditions and use the meter properly so that you can easily adjust accordingly.


In a full flight, there are always the following important basic activities: take-off and landing. You must perform these two activities carefully and carefully so as not to pose any bad risks. In addition, you have to create your own flight plan and schedule to balance the time, helping you have more rest.
RFS – Real Flight Simulator
A specific plan will have many options to help you choose and edit the flight schedule. You can arrange the date and time properly. The plans correspond to different functions. The most interesting thing is that you will work for V-SPEEDS, knowing how to use the appropriate fuel for passengers, cargo, and fuel. The most important thing is to choose the weather; there are many different scenes, from rain, storm, snow to temperature and durability, etc.


Every day like that, there will be tens of thousands of flights taking off one after another. Around the world, you will have access and connections to know the specific times of more than 35 countries with 35 central airports. Simply run in real-time and take visitors to your designated destination and complete the mission. On the flights will have hundreds of other pilots and work together, helping each other in all difficulties. Together they will travel the world. You can chat and get to know, greet and befriend any pilot.
RFS – Real Flight Simulator


There will be a special puzzle board system in this game, and it can personalize your gauges and other necessary equipment. It will help you manage the most convenient and efficient way for your work. Besides, there is also an attentive and dedicated service so that you can livery freely. Along with it is a perfect 3D steering wheel with full equipment to assist you in flights with lighting systems, helping to brighten your cockpit.


There are three resolution systems you can choose from to suit your flight situation. With 35HD, the 3D buildings you see will be lifelike, and due to the high-resolution image, it is easy to reach and access the 500 SD, runways, building, and departure procedures. Finally, with 14000LD, this is only for PRO models with ground traffic and access processes. Only PRO has the ATC multi-voice communication and communication facilities to be able to work and interact with customers enthusiastically. There are also many precise terrains and extreme sharpness thanks to satellites around the world. The satellite data will be connected online to your data system so that information can be multiplied and updated quickly, easily, and conveniently.
RFS – Real Flight Simulator


Satellite maps, 3D buildings, runways, procedures, and air traffic seem to be the things that you work with most in the game. Players will have to follow the map on a regular basis to know where they are in the sky. It will be using the highest resolution so you can identify every little detail of the rabbit and every small situation going on so that you can make the best decision for your flight. Once you have reached the destination, you must contact the air traffic stations on the ground to be allowed to safely land and take visitors to where they want.
The game will be shown on a real-time flight; once you jump on board, it will officially take part in a long journey like a clock. The unique point is that pilots circulating in the sky will be put into a chat room so they can communicate with cool people and plan lesson plans in detail. ATC controllers are always the most powerful support tool for users to customize their directions in the most accurate way.
RFS – Real Flight Simulator


This will be a special game and will probably bring you many unforgettable memories on every flight. You will discover, experience the best, broaden your eyes, improve your level, and learn more about the aviation industry. Moreover, you can travel to many points on the world map and set foot at the central airports there. This will give you a new vision, a broader and broader vision of the world in your eyes. A game suitable for all ages, why haven’t you installed it on your device yet? Wait no more; download and join us.