LunaM: PH (MOD, Speed Hack)

LunaM: PH (MOD, Speed Hack)
LunaM: PH (MOD, Speed Hack)
App Name LunaM: PH
Version 1.0.565
Genre Role Playing
Size 55MB
Mod Info Speed Hack

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Are you looking for a role-playing game with lovely graphics but endless entertainment? Then, don’t miss LunaM: PH, the hottest role-playing game today. Enjoy hours of intense entertainment and fun in this beautiful and mysterious chibi world. The option to do what you like in the huge open world. Complete quests and fight hard in this game full of surprises. Let’s find out right away this game is making the wind.
LunaM: PH (MOD, Speed Hack)


LunaM: PH is the unique fighting and role-playing game you will ever know, provided and developed by SOULGAMES Inc. Set in an animated fantasy world, where humans, magic, and strange creatures coexist in parallel with the modern technological era. An exciting storyline will be revealed in the game’s quests.
This game is a world of stories of races fighting over the five-colored flight stone of immense power, with unique lovely graphics, beautiful combat, attractive features, and unique characters. All in all, it will give you an endlessly entertaining game.
LunaM: PH (MOD, Speed Hack)


Coming to LunaM: Ph, you will be free to experience different content without worrying about limitations, without worrying about being bored. The highly convenient auto-mission feature will allow your character to be increasingly upgraded and stronger. You can freely shape your character with a lot of beautiful costumes. Different outfits are available in the store for you—hundreds of mounts, lovely pets for you to decorate your character. If you are not good at decorating, don’t worry, you can freely choose according to your own style and personality with countless unique combinations. You will be amazed at the style and unique wild suits in this game.
You will become stronger when playing multiplayer. Team up with other players and form a team to fight together. And you also gain experience points when playing with your team. Don’t forget the features to double your experience points and get rare items. You can also mine and craft various optional accessories using unique features. Not only stopping there, LunaM:Ph will have a lot of interesting features that you did not expect, join now to discover.
LunaM: PH (MOD, Speed Hack)


Just like other role-playing and fighting games, the first thing at the beginning of the game is that you will have to choose your own character. In this part, you will choose a character’s personality and an outfit for that character. Each character’s personality will have different weapons and abilities, and missions. So come up with a reasonable strategy before choosing your character.
The simplest thing to be able to understand the gameplay of the game and then come up with reasonable strategies for the game is to complete the assigned tasks. Since the plot unfolds gradually with quests, go to the quest’s places and complete it. You will get more than you think. Your task is to destroy monsters or strange creatures on the way to follow the mission assigned to you by the instructors. You will use attacks and damage them until their health column drops and completely drains; you will receive a reward.
LunaM: PH (MOD, Speed Hack)


A reason that attracts players the most in this game is that many diverse classes depend on the races you choose, including basic classes and hybrid classes. With this game, you are allowed to interact with characters who are players around the world that you meet along the way. Chat with them or cooperate with them, do whatever you want.
The graphics of this game are charming and appreciated. Chibi cartoon image is unique and extremely hard to find in role-playing and fighting games today. The beautiful techniques for each attack create a real feeling of freshness for the player: pleasant lighting, beautiful animations, and cute and sharp drawings. The sound is melodic, pleasant, and even fun. Overall the image creates a really classy game.
Some of the above descriptions may be necessary for you to understand more about this unique role-playing game. Explore the exciting and beautiful, dreamy world in LunaM: Ph. Quality sound and image, bring the fantasy of a fairyland and extremely quiet, bringing players into a space of relaxation and comfort. This will be one of the best role-playing games you will ever play.