Gradient (Full Unlocked)

Gradient (Full Unlocked)
Gradient (Full Unlocked)
App Name Gradient
Version 2.2.2
Genre Photography
Size 166MB
Mod Info Premium

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Gradient: DNA Ancestry AI Test is a professional image editing application, especially selfie photos. The app brought plenty of tools to beautify your shapes. Besides, Gradient: DNA Ancestry AI Test also integrates a number of fun tests. However, they are grounded!
Gradient (Full Unlocked)


Gradient: DNA Ancestry AI Test gives users the tools needed for a good-looking appearance. If your image is somehow unwanted, then you can fix it through the built-in tools. With “Gradient,” users can change from skin color to hair color, adjust the size of eyes or lips, lighten and smooth skin, and more. If your hair is weak and you can’t dye it, or you want to change your hair color often, but you’re afraid of damaging your hair, then it’s time to use the color change tool here. With the ability to change the lipstick color as you like, as well as increase or decrease the size of the lips, who said you couldn’t become sexy? Your teeth color can also be lightened if you like. The unwanted acne will disappear immediately after a tap. This app will help you save those poor pictures taken by your man.
Gradient (Full Unlocked)

Time travel and see how you are doing?

Besides, Gradient: DNA Ancestry AI Test is not inferior to other editor software when it also integrates filter editing tools. There are more than 40 filters already built into the application. However, you can still customize them as you like. “Gradient: DNA Ancestry AI Test” also comes with the Color mix tool. Usually, it only exists on professional software on computers that is typically Ps. Now you can customize the colors in an advanced way thanks to the small app on your smartphone. The application also supports the mode of removing fonts.
Moreover, each week, the application will be updated and bring the latest features. Filters and textures will be added continuously to satisfy users. So, visit the app weekly and regularly update to see what we will have.
Besides image editing tools, Gradient: DNA Ancestry AI Test also offers some fun tests.
Gradient (Full Unlocked)

Who is your ancestor?

This is an exciting feature that “Gradient: DNA Ancestry AI Test” brings. The AI will automatically scan your image and see if you have a somewhat percentage of Asian, or European, Latin American, etc. You will know which aspect your face is from, and from which country. This is also a feature that is popular with young people.

Which celebrity do you look like?

Similar to the above feature, the AI will scan and see among the superstars, who looks like you the most. After reviewing your facial expressions, hair color, face shape, the application will give the fairest results.
Gradient (Full Unlocked)


Have you ever looked at Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, the Mona Lisa, and thought that if you were alive at such a moment, what would your illustration look like? Let’s try it with Gradient.
Gradient: DNA Ancestry AI Test is both a professional photo editing application and a fun entertainment tool with many fun tests. After reading all the above features, do you want to download this application right now?