tinyCam Monitor PRO 15.1.1

tinyCam Monitor PRO 15.1.1
Version 15.1.1
GenreVideo Players & Editors
tinyCam Monitor PRO is an application designed for those people who have surveillance, so it works as a support alternative for their settings and so you can get video and audio from them. With tinyCam Monitor PRO you will be able to have different options and alternatives to modify your cameras, as well as it will give you the option to create a support for the information obtained in the cloud in order not to lose any information or file.

A product known for its tools

tinyCam Monitor PRO is an application specially designed for Android where you can get information from security cameras in your area, whether public or private, and control them or get the information they receive. This application can be found for a low cost on the Google App Store platform and you can have multiple tools such as face detection, cloud storage, LAN scanner to detect other cameras, and motion detection.
With tinyCam Monitor PRO, you will also be able to have a sequential mode, different types of supports for your cameras, two-way audio, digital zoom, and many other tools that will allow you to safely manage these surveillance cameras. Therefore, this application has been highly downloaded by users of this platform to have a better management of these cameras, which are often used to take care of the home or small children.

Download and easily manage everything

Although it may seem complicated to use, tinyCam Monitor PRO has been characterized by being an easy to manage the application for all users who choose to have its benefits and tools for security cameras. Once downloaded, you will only have to enter it to find an option that allows you to choose which camera view to get, in case you have more than one linked to the application. When you choose your option, you will be able to obtain an image. Similarly, all you need to control and access the options provided by the application you will find them easily on your main screen, you can move the view of the cameras, get audio, zoom and so on.

High-quality graphics for the information obtained

tinyCam Monitor PRO is characterized not only by being an application that provides you with different tools and actions, but also by having a user-friendly interface so that you can manage it at any time you want. We must also highlight that the image and audio obtained through the application have the highest quality, so you do not have to worry about getting a distorted image, especially when it is a camera that monitors children. For this reason, tinyCam Monitor PRO has been a favorite option for many users where you can save this information obtained in support such as the cloud for any situation you need.

All the tools you need at any time

tinyCam Monitor PRO is a very useful and easy to use alternative if you have security cameras in your possession, allowing you to manage them easily and having updates that allow you to continue enjoying their tools.