Shop Titans 7.0.2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Shop Titans 7.0.2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Version 7.0.2
Mod InfoUnlimited Money

Have you always dreamed of being a hero? So have you ever thought, will you become an influential supporter for the hero? Shop Titans are where many of the most famous names across the continent go to buy weapons. Your weapon shop is so important that the heroes would lose their most glorious wars without your service.


Usually, for games set in the middle ages like this, the player will be thrust into an endless adventure. This place will be filled with monsters and challenges that you never imagined would happen to your life. Shop Titans are different; you are not forced to rush into such wars. Instead, your fight is much more critical.

Why do I say your mission is of such great magnitude? If the heroes weren’t perfectly equipped, they would surely be defeated. Simply put, how can you kill a dragon with just a shovel? Therefore, you need to own for yourself the sharpest and most durable swords. In addition, the hero also needs armor that is resistant to fire and dark magic.


Honestly, Shop Titans don’t force players to engage in intense battles. So you can be careful to create the most potent weapons yourself. First of all, the game will give you a shop. It’s actually tiny, nothing special in a place where so many people can make crafts like that. Second, you will have to forge the first swords yourself and then have to wait a long time to sell those items to get money.

At this dynamic time, players will have to try to learn to get used to the operations in the game. Because later on, there will be many things coming up that will make you work at a much higher speed. If you can’t get used to your own store, how can you make a lot of money?


With the first coins, you should invest wisely. At this point, there are very few types of equipment that you can make. Usually, it will be divided into two types. The first type takes a little time but sells without too much profit. The second type requires you to wait a little longer but will give you a better amount of money.

Investing wisely and alternately between these two types of items can make you rich quickly. For example, if you invest all your money in cheap weapons, it will take a long time for you to have a large amount of capital. Or, in case you spend all your money to create expensive weapons, you will have to wait a long time, and it will probably make you frustrated.
Later the weapons become more difficult to craft. It will require you a lot of different types of ingredients as well as separate ingredients. This will cost you a lot of time. Moreover, players also have to equip themselves with a tremendous amount of knowledge. There are even items that require five different types of ingredients to complete. They will make costly items that just selling can change your total capital.


At some point, your Shop Titans will be extremely rich and have abundant capital. This is the time when you can create your own team of heroes. Of course, heroes need to make feats to prove themselves as well as help those in need.
However, there is also the main reason that you have to find new resources. The money you make from the store business is no longer enough for new types of investments. So you have to find a way to find valuable artifacts. They will give you enough economy to make you one of the wealthiest people in the world. Until then, you can do whatever you want.

In addition, players also need to know that there are types of equipment that can only be created thanks to body parts obtained from mythical creatures. Remember the fireproof armor? To withstand the heat coming from the dragon’s fire, it can only be made from dragon scales. Or there will be gems that contain the ability to cast magic. With weapons like that, you can stand up to the most powerful magicians on the continent.