Lustful Shores 6.2.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Lustful Shores 6.2.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Version 6.2.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money

The title of the game probably will make it difficult for us to avoid the strange feeling mixed with a little curiosity right from the first time reading, right? But you will be amazed to discover Lustful Shores when it is not as simple as what you are envisioning. This is a game that belongs to the genre of tactical construction and building protection. Besides having combined with a bit of wildness of the story, the game brings along incredibly sexy, hot images.
Participating in Lustful Shores, it will bring you the extremely new feeling of this adult game. Your job while playing it is to construct buildings to protect your base from the onslaught of different types of monsters. Beautiful girls will be your companions throughout the process of conquering the game when every time you complete an important stage, it is time for the game to reveal the unopened chapters of the story through the beautiful images. This is like a magic force that urges the players not to stop playing but conquering the next screen to open the story to satisfy their curiosity. It is no different than a small reward for the player who excelled in winning difficult games.
Unleash your creativity and plan to build a fortified fortress with many different types of protective towers! Each separate tower has each distinct function. In order to create success for the game, the players must skillfully combine them to be able to destroy the enemies that are massively entering their territory. Instead of building all high-powered towers, underestimating the importance of installing 1 or 2 towers to slow down enemies can be a deadly mistake that makes you lose the game. Besides the turrets, you also have the help of special skills with many times the power, which can blow away enemies in a sec. Remember to use these techniques to rescue yourself in critical situations.
It will not be difficult for you to win the game because next to you, there are girls who always give advice, tactical suggestions for you. They will be a great help to identify gaps in the defense system you build.
Join the game now to combat more than 45 types of monsters, as well as bosses, and open up new chapters of a fascinating and provocative story.