Live or Die: Survival Pro 0.2.454 (MOD, Free Craft/Money/Energy)

Live or Die: Survival Pro 0.2.454 (MOD, Free Craft/Money/Energy)
App Name Live or Die: Survival Pro
Version 0.2.454
Size 185MB
Mod Info Free Craft/ Unlimited Coins/ Unlimited Energy

Have you ever imagined that you would survive in a world where a terrifying virus epidemic kills everyone? It is more devastating than war; it has taken thousands and millions of lives of people worldwide, leaving only the corpses of zombies that exist on this earth. You are one of those lucky to survive the terrible apocalypse. Not only you, besides, there will always be people who are in the same situation as you, they also have to face and cope with difficulties in order not to fall to death. Would you like to try and explore a situation like this? Then you should come to Live or Die: Zombie Survival Pro and explore, enjoy and experience it happily!


It can be said that this is a game with a lot of suffering, cruelty; it puts you in the middle of the two margins of death and life. In order to survive here, you have to put in great effort and effort to be able to survive each day. The remarkable thing when participating in this game is that you will be provided with the necessary knowledge, things you need to know to apply and fight the death that is happening in front of you. You have to rely on yourself to survive day by day. You have the right to build and develop yourself with your own tactics. For example, you have the right to upgrade weapons, combat equipment such as guns, armor, etc., to find out many ways to destroy and fight the scary zombies that always haunt and want to push you to die.


After coming to this unspoiled land full of ghosts, you have learned to cope with it so that you can live through each day. Each passing day will make you smarter, faster, and more intelligent, each time experiencing ghosts that make you more agile and motivated. These things are nothing, but they will make you become brave, much stronger, have more confidence that you will still be able to live in this situation. Zombies will surround even those who know how to survive the best. And suddenly, you will not find the right weapons for fighting them. Therefore, you should not be subjective, but be careful all the time because the enemy is always lurking by your side at any time.


After almost dying and coming back to life, you will grow a lot and have the opportunity to develop, unlock more new and unique weapons, armor, and gun designs that can be used in later battles.


You will not be subjective without a personal defense. No matter who it is, how well survivors need to rest after tiring days. So it would help if you built, design yourself a shelter, your own shelter. Build the most robust walls, create maximum locks, and set traps in places where those harassing zombies can be killed. Get started and build right away so it can protect you as safely as possible.


You want to create your own shelter; of course, you need a lot of resources to be able to build it. You should make full use of the resources by exploring, experiencing the wilderness to collect and pick up many important things; it can help you with many cases. It determines your survival, your survival. Keep up the belief that they are alive and determined to survive in order to find and demolish abandoned homes and military bases or, in plain words, destroy their hiding places. Find it out first and destroy them before someone else hurts you. That is also a clever way to avoid the enemy!


While destroying the enemy, you should not forget the essential missions that you are assigned to. Complete them as quickly as possible and receive precious and lovely gifts from the game. Those gifts, rewards can help you a lot in the fight. They can be armor or ammunition, or it can be many different guns. It will give your side benefits and support to help you in those fierce, harsh battles.