Cooking Diary 1.38.1 (MOD, Unlimited Currency)

Cooking Diary 1.38.1 (MOD, Unlimited Currency)
Version 1.38.1
Mod InfoUnlimited Currency
Simulation games always give players new and unique elements when experiencing. That comes from the exciting gameplay that comes from specific activities and is close to real life. At the same time, players will enjoy their world and experience it on their own. If you have played through this game genre and want to look for a new game, you cannot miss Cooking Diary: Best Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Game. It is a game to help you show off your management skills.


Cooking Diary gives you a completely understandable and accessible game for many people. Players will start working as an employee at a restaurant and spend a lot of time making money. At the same time, this is also the only way for her to earn more money and bring something new to her company. Also, during the game, there will be many new things appearing before your eyes.
Besides the restaurant management, the game also gives you an exciting story system that you cannot ignore. It is seen as a new world that you can experience where you will be a part of it. At the same time, throughout these stories, you will be introduced to the main character’s new functions and relationships. This also brings specialties to the player when the game is not limited to making money.


The game gives you an exciting way to play as you will discover stories along with entertaining elements in the game. You will play the role of an employee in a restaurant that will try to fulfill different characters’ needs. Each action you do and will need a certain precision will help you earn more money and satisfy and attract more customers.
At the same time, this is not an entirely simple affair. Players will have a kitchen space where many different ingredients, from coca-cola to hamburgers, are placed. Simultaneously, games of the same genre will sometimes be placed together, and you will be able to choose more quickly. But for this game is different, you will need to find the ingredients and cook it quickly and meet what customers want.
At the same time, each operation takes a certain amount of time, and sometimes if left for a long time, it can burn, and you will need to throw them in the trash. Therefore, the game ultimately requires the player to focus on the gameplay and manipulate everything correctly fully. Each level of play will have a certain number of customers, and you will try to serve them all to complete the level. Each person has their requirements.
As the game progresses, the ingredients you have will ultimately increase and not remain in a single amount. Therefore, the needs of customers also increased compared to the original. From there, you will need to glance through the elements and try to cook the ingredients, and try to serve them quickly. That gives you challenges when you have to do many things at once and can’t take your eyes off it.


Cooking Diary brings you a level with increasing difficulty, but overall, you will still have a great time to explore. Simultaneously, please do not ignore the updated elements as they will bring you new dishes and stories. Also, new features will appear in your restaurant and give it a fresh look and strong impression.
Simultaneously, delivering food to customers will also become more manageable if you use the game’s newly upgraded boost. So, everything that the game offers always helps you make a lot of money complete the game, and satisfy customers. As you accumulate cash up to a certain amount, you will be able to upgrade the kitchen area appliances to make preparing and cooking ingredients easier.
When you make money, you need to use it correctly, as you will need to take care of other things to make your gameplay more prosperous and more accessible. When you play to a particular stage, you will learn how to upgrade the restaurant’s interior. You will do this as you like but don’t forget to prioritize the more essential elements in this game.


Cooking Diary brings you a colorful world that any player wants to experience. Simultaneously, over time, the game also brings new mechanisms for you to use and facilitate serving in the restaurant. The goal of any player in this game is to enjoy this game and succeed in it.