HideX (MOD, VIP Unlocked)

HideX (MOD, VIP Unlocked)
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Mobile devices such as smartphones were born to help people manage their lives. Since the launch of smartphones, it has become an indispensable part of people and makes people’s lives easier. But if it manages life, what will govern it? If there were no way to manage the device’s things, it would also become a mess. The user is often the person in charge of information management and plays an essential role for the user. But if you do not have time to do that, the HideX application is a tool to assist users.


This app is made to manage photos, videos, notes, and more, so it’s not too difficult to use. In default terms, those things will have their default applications for storage and management. Every time the user wants to access them, they need to open the corresponding application. But if you use this application, users only need to launch a single application.
Users can put photos and videos in the application’s folder for easy management by the application. You need to select and press the button, and they will be automatically moved to the application folder quickly. Users only need access to the application to be able to see all of those things.

Perfect disguise

There are many photos, videos, information that the user cannot let others know on the phone, but there is no way to hide it. If someone borrowed your phone for use or was stolen, the information will likely be leaked. So this application has one feature: to disguise the icons and names of the apps on the user’s screen to avoid information leakage. Unlike other image or document management apps, this one has an avatar, and the name is a picture of a computer to fool others. Only people who know the truth can access the app.
The application also has another layer of security that is just a regular calculator when you start the application. You can use it as a computational tool, not as a document management tool. Users need to go through several special actions to unlock the app’s features. The application can deceive everyone else when it comes to the application without any prior preparation.

Password security

When the user goes through the first step that is the disguise of the application, the user needs to go through another step: the password. This application allows users to set a password for application documents so that the user can increase security. Even if the enemy had found out that the computer was just a threat, there would be another layer of security to make sure everything was safe. When the user uses the application, no one will access the things that the user is hiding in the application.