Net Optimizer | Optimize Your Internet Speed 1262u (MOD, PRO Unlocked)

Net Optimizer | Optimize Your Internet Speed 1262u (MOD, PRO Unlocked)
Version 1262u
Mod InfoPRO Unlocked
The internet first appeared in 1960 and is gradually developed to this day. It can be said that access speed has been increased many times and makes it possible for users to find what they need. You can use the internet on many different platforms such as computers, smartphones. With a smartphone, sometimes you will feel that your device browsing is not stable. If you are meeting this problem, Net Optimizer | Optimize Your Internet Speed will be an application that you should try.


During the internet process, you will encounter the web browsing not as fast as you thought. Sometimes this is not the result of the network quality, but the DNS. Therefore, thanks to Net Optimizer | Optimize Your Internet Speed, you only need one touch to find the fastest DNS connection. Once done, you will see the change from the default DNS. With the above useful function, you can browse the web faster and ensure your internet usage experience. Sometimes your network connection also changes, requiring you to change DNS to match it. The app can help you do this by detecting connection changes and optimizing your network connection. That keeps your web surfing stable.
So what types of networks does this app support? The application supports the operation of wifi, 3G / 4G / 5G. You can say you can use this application wherever you want with different types of networks. Therefore, you will not need to be problematic in choosing the right network types for this application. Besides, the application also supports many different DNS servers. It can be said that the DNS speed depends on the location of the DNS servers. Therefore, the DNS change is a necessity. It supports DNS servers like Google, DNS Watch, Comodo Secure, OpenDNS, etc. So making a change sometimes is better than keeping a default DNS.
Another function you’ll love, especially gamers. For online games, maintaining speed is always necessary to ensure the experience in the game you are playing. The app will help to overcome lag and reduce latency (ping times) on online games for more enjoyable gaming.


Net Optimizer | Optimize Your Internet Speed is an application that helps you change the DNS of your device currently available on Google Play. Despite the features it offers, it only requires an average device configuration to operate and not take up too much space. That makes it easy for many users to install and use. The application offers users unique and easy-to-use functions. On Google Play, the app has received a lot of positive reviews and feedback from users. Simultaneously, to ensure the user experience, developers are looking for ways to improve the application. That will prevent you from having much trouble using the product.
Net Optimizer | Optimize Your Internet Speed is an application that helps you optimize your Internet usage. You can change your device’s DNS easily with just one touch. You should see stable browsing and improved speed. At the same time, the application also helps you choose the most suitable DNS to use. At the same time, you will find its usefulness throughout the game. Net Optimizer | Optimize Your Internet Speed will bring you excellent web surfing moments.