AZ Screen Recorder 5.8.3 (MOD, Premium Unlocked)

AZ Screen Recorder 5.8.3 (MOD, Premium Unlocked)
Version 5.8.3
Mod InfoPremium Unlocked
Hecorat is an application development company for mobile platforms. Since its founding, they have joined the Google Play app market and offer video editing, cutting, video joining and video editing applications to make it even more awesome. In the field of its activities, Hecorat always tries to develop and optimize its claims to provide the best experience for users. In addition to the above applications, Hecorat also released a screen recording application called AZ Screen Recorder so that users can share their beautiful moments with friends. This application has brought Hecorat successes.
They had more than 10 million users and reached 4.6/5 points with nearly 1 million reviews. The rating of this application is very high, and it proves the features that AZ Screen Recorder is handy. In the following section, let’s learn about some features of AZ Screen Recorder application! Best screen recorder application

Best screen recorder application

Currently, many applications recorder the screen but it seems that they still cannot meet the needs of users. The most common situation that users often encounter is the situation of screen video after breaking the screen and not clear. This greatly affects users. It makes them not see the text or small details.
Moreover, if you watch videos with bad quality, it will affect your eyesight. But AZ Screen Recorder can solve this problem. The app allows users to record video screen from the device with FullHD or QHD quality with the highest resolution. The videos after the smart screen capture are broken, or there is noise that is very clear and smooth. The second problem that users often encounter is to ask the root device user and have limited time to record. Therefore, if users want to record videos with longer duration, they must be split into smaller videos. Users do not need Root, nor are they limited to recording time. Finally, a long-standing problem that users may find annoying, these are ads. AZ Screen Recorder Premium has completely removed ads so users can experience the best. Because of this helpful support, the app has received high ratings from reputable units: Google Play, CNET, Yahoo News, Android Central, …

NOT require root access, no time limit, no watermark

To get a good video, users need to have useful tools to implement. If you want to make a Vlogs or a review of some game, you can go back to the screen and use the front camera and display your face in a small frame at the corner of the screen. This feature is quite special and you can only find it in AZ Screen Recorder. If you want to have time to prepare before shooting, you can set the countdown timer for about 3 seconds, 5 seconds or 10 seconds. If you want to add captions or insert logos during video recording, you can do that directly while shooting video without going through complicated editing. If your video has to shoot multiple stages, you can pause the video recording and continue when you are ready for new scenes. This is quite useful and you will not need to split your video into multiple media files and it is more convenient for you to share with everyone. In addition, AZ Screen Recorder also has some other features: Edit video size, customize frame rate, create fast/slow effects, and more.

Premium package

Besides the free features, you need to pay for some advanced features to use. Premium features include: converting videos into GIF files, cutting videos, displaying faces on the screen while recording videos, storing via Google Drive/Dropbox, and adding editors to edit videos after shooting. This editor includes a lot of features: cut/edit a section of a video, add effects and color filters, … However, you will be able to use this Premium package completely free if you download AZ Screen Recorder here because we will unlock it for you.