Bomber Friends 4.02 (MOD, Unlocked Skins)

Bomber Friends 4.02 (MOD, Unlocked Skins)
Version 4.02
Mod InfoUnlocked Skins
Bomber Friends – A fun way of entertainment may be quite suitable for office workers or those who prefer simplicity. Bomb It or Bomberman – perhaps associated with the childhood of many. Typical for the familiar bomb game. There have been many similar products released, but the appeal of the game bombs still do not decline. But for now, it is essential to improve and change it in line with current needs. Since then, Bomber Friends has been released by Hyperkani.

The game of childhood

There have been many successful products before, but the launch of the Bomber Friends made Hyperkani successful surpass. Since its release, Bomber Friends has received a lot of attention and positive comments, which has helped the game reach more players as well as help Hyperkani care, foster the baby of me more. But the new features of Bomber Friends also contribute to the position they are today.


Like other Bomber Friends games, you will pick a character, control them and place bombs in the appropriate locations in the maze to destroy the opponent. Each level is limited to a short period of time, so you need to optimize your enemies to kill as quickly as possible. In the game there will be many buffs to support you, each buff has its own advantages, such as bombs will help you increase the number of bombs you can set the same time, the buff shield will help you one more time. Bombs, … Pay attention to one thing is that the items usually have a gold border around, and the bomb is not, avoid the maximum of mistakes to kill the enemy fastest. To get the items you need, try to break down the walls to create the most convenient path. The strategy will also partially determine your success.
If the given time is not enough for you to kill the enemy, near the end of the time the bricks will fall down, fill the maze, be sure to have the winner, the problem is that you must be a survivor to seconds. the last minute. Because it’s an online game, you can play with the other players, not worry about the enemy. With more than 300 different levels, feel free to pick up opponents that put bombs, each level will gradually increase the difficulty and a bit difficult to eat the game should practice well. After each game, you will receive a certain amount of gold, use it to buy what you need.


Design in the style of the classic Bomber game, but the details are beautifully designed ball, more beautiful is the highlight of this game. Details such as bricks, concrete pillars or items have been carefully cared for, better looking. The characters in the game are fun, but you can change the skin so they are not boring, the skin you can buy gold. So let’s play a lot to be able to buy new skin offline. The interface and controls are easy to understand and intuitive. Sounds fun, exciting to enhance your playing experience.
If you are a fan of bomb game, do not hesitate anymore, do not download Bomber Friends about the experience. With good graphics, familiar gameplay, it is not hard for you to fully enjoy your entertainment time. The game is also suitable for those who like the memory game, back to the past.