Zooba 2.10.0 (MOD, Unlimited Skills)

Zooba 2.10.0 (MOD, Unlimited Skills)
Version 2.10.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Skills
Battle Royale game mode has become so popular in app stores. Nowadays, there are many people who want to find a new breakthrough in this game mode to relieve tiredness after stressful working days or entertaining in their spare time. And this will be a game that you cannot miss because of the attractive gameplay and the diversity in your character selection that is Zooba: Fun Shooting Battle. A newly launched game on the Google Play and App Store has received a lot of positive reviews from experts and has more than millions of downloads since its launch.
From game developer Wildlife Studios, which develops and launches a variety of game genres on both Android and IOS operating systems. Seeing the popularity that the survival mode Battle Royale brings, this developer has also embarked on creating its own Battle Royale game and it’s time Zooba was born. The game gives players a very interesting experience when the world in the game is filled with personality animals, fun fighting against each other to see who will become the king of this zoo. So hurry up and download this game to your computer to give yourself an interesting experience yet.

Who will be the king of the zoo?

The game still retains the traditional gameplay of Battle Royale, so the player will have no difficulty in getting to know this game at all. All players will have to fight each other in the fierce and vast battlefield divided into many different areas, to become the last survivor. But for Zooba there will be many differences from the Battle Royale games we often know. Players will be able to choose one of more than 10 different animals to compete with other players. Each animal will have a unique skill suitable for all properties of that animal. At the beginning of the match, players will be able to select their own landing area with one of the 4 different terrains in this large zoo and will limit the number of players to only about 35 players fighting with each other in a match. Because it is played in the 3rd perspective, the game will give players a comprehensive view around their characters. It will give along with some extremely attractive skills that are unique to each interesting species attractive as in the role-playing game to diversify the genre of Battle Royale. Upon successful landing, the player will equip themselves with weapons scattered throughout the zoo including types such as shotguns, bows and arrows, spears, grenades, ambulance boxes, …

Multiplayer/PvP/Awesome shooting & fighting action!

Players can only equip up to 3 different weapons to form a massive set of weapons, which makes it possible for players to rotate easily by displaying those weaponry icons around the skill button. Each weapon in the game is classified in the power order in the form of copper, silver, gold to help players identify from which to quickly earn to equip more attack power for their characters. Players can take advantage of the bushes or wooden boxes scattered throughout the map to hide ambushes or escape from the chase from other players to increase their chances of survival. In order for the game to end quickly, once every minute, the area on the map will be narrowed to a random position on the map to force all players to appear and fight within the area is narrowing. If any player is still outside that round will automatically lose HP and die out there. Upon completion of the match, the player will be graded on a 5-star scale if he becomes the last survivor and receives additional attractive gift boxes.


Zooba: Fun Shooting Battle will bring players many interesting and attractive features to help players get comfortable entertainment moments. There are 2 different game modes including Solo and Duo so Players can invite more friends or relatives to join the game to share the joy as well as support, improve skills with each other. There are more than 10 animals with different types of skills for players to get a comfortable choice from a hot-temple gorilla to a sneaky chameleon. Join the board so you can make friends and meet more friends from around the world.

Graphics & Audio, Effect

Using 2D Animation graphics extremely eye-catching and attractive to players from the first time in the game. The most special is the way to rely on the zoo itself to simulate a battlefield full of excitement and excitement, giving players a new and exciting feeling. The animals in the game are the biggest plus point of the game when all the animals here are designed in a cute, cool, funny chibi style, impressing many players as children. Players have been able to fully admire the creativity of the publisher in creating spectacular effects to players around the world from explosive effects to attractive character effects. The sound used in the game brings a fun, close soundtrack, along with the sound integration into the details of bombs or guns are elaborately built.