Solid Explorer File Manager 2.8.6 build 200215

Solid Explorer File Manager 2.8.6 build 200215
Version 2.8.6 build 200215
About 15 years ago, smartphones seemed to be something too luxurious. Because at that time, the technology background was still limited, and could not be developed. But so far, escaping from that repression, along with the 4.0 revolution, new technologies have been introduced, and smartphones seem to have become so popular. At the same time, the data sources become more and more demanding, strictly processed, extracted and managed. This is the reason why many file management applications have been released, of which the most popular and widely used file format is Solid Explorer File Manager. This application allows you to manage files effectively, neatly and with high security. Get ready to learn its features.
As introduced, Solid Explorer is an application that allows you to manage your files, including image, text, audio, and more contents. You can create separate folders, then grab the files that are cluttering in your computer and transfer the files with the same type to the newly created folder. This will make the data arranged scientifically, making it easier for you to search.
The main interface of Solid Explorer divides your screen into two parts, each of which is a window. This is quite convenient, allowing you to use drag and drop operations between folders. With that, you can freely choose the icons, colors and themes for the interface, or the folder you create to make it easier to identify. Solid Explorer also helps you organize your photos, or media files, more neatly. They specify the number of files, the folder size in detail so you can manage it more easily.
Solid Explorer also supports many popular cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive,… All of which are already integrated into this application, helping you get larger storage space, without having to install each app individually. In addition to storing cloud files, you can also create .zip archives, read, extract compressed files, encoded in other formats such as ZIP, RAR,…more. And sometimes, if you don’t want the data in your device to be peeked at by others, you can choose to hide the folder, or set a password, and use both fingerprints, if your device supports it. At the same time, Solid Explorer also has Chromecast, which allows you to transfer data to nearby display screens like TVs.
Solid Explorer is a feature-rich file manager and beautifully designed, intuitive user interface. You can customize the interface of Solid Explorer with many themes, icons, and palettes. The system provides, according to your style. In addition to connecting to many popular cloud storage services, you can also connect Solid Explorer to PC to extract, export or connect to remote active servers with FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV.
What’s New:
Experimental Trash/Recycle Bin feature. Please use with caution and don’t manipulate important files, this is a beta and can still contain critical bugs.