Snoopy’s Town Tale 3.7.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Snoopy’s Town Tale 3.7.1 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Version 3.7.1
Mod InfoUnlimited Money
There is no person who does not like Snoopy’s animations, so it is simplified through the didactic and fun world of Peanuts, which initiates or is related to the adventure of Snoopy and Carlitos, thanks to the fact that they have set themselves the goal of building a city, which will not be easy and they need the gang.
The reasons to play Peanuts
Peanuts comics become reality, because it allows the construction of the city, all together with Carlitos, Linus, Lucy, and all the friends that make up Snoopy’s gang, which positions this game as a great alternative to be a construction simulator, in this case of the city. Another view of the neighborhood is achieved after Snoopy’s vision that tries to extend it, where the most known and acclaimed characters of Peanuts come to life, being able to add structures that are a symbol for this story, which in addition to everything allows the culmination of each of the missions.

This game becomes particularly competitive after the challenges that have to be faced, and the adventure begins when Snoopy’s vine changes after the presence of a girl in the neighborhood, which motivates him to leave aside his obligations to receive this girl in all her glory.

The scenes behind Peanuts

In this story, in which the intention is to construct new buildings, to maintain the illusion of the old town that was acclaimed by its neighbors, this construction simulation is accompanied by the personalization of the Peanuts neighborhood itself. The opportunity to shape your own city, fulfills the dream of every lover of these construction games, as well as remembering those old stories from the comic book. In fact, the buildings keep that illusion alive, each site goes on to obtain a new image after the personal touch that is exerted at the moment of decorating it.

Even the house of Carlitos and the baseball field, they happen to obtain a new image, all this allows that the city extends, like all an adventure available behind this simulation, having the opportunity to make a house of dogs for the home of Snoopy first of all, with their respective trees, patios and all the decoration that you wish.

The outcome of Peanuts

No accessory or surface element is overlooked, in fact, this is possible thanks to more than 200 accessories, which gives a high degree of realism to this simulator. Building and expanding the neighborhood is a vital part of this game, achieving dazzling houses. But such construction, depends first and foremost on gaining experience, which is achieved through the missions won, making the theme of building the city much easier, but the excitement of the game makes you want to continue under this plan, to enjoy even the smallest incidence of this simulator.

The construction is established as a tribute to the comics, being directed in a broad way for Peanuts lovers, at the end of each task and mission, the neighborhood will end up changing until it becomes more extensive and striking.