Polaris Office PRO 9.0.9 build 168 (MOD, Unlocked)

Polaris Office PRO 9.0.9 build 168 (MOD, Unlocked)
Version 9.0.9 build 168
Mod Info Unlocked
The era is growing and the way people work is also changing day today. With each passing day, people have taken another step forward in science and technology. That means things are growing and people need to get used to it. Especially in the office work, the style of each person is filled with piles of papers that make the room look very messy. This is not only confusing but also makes it possible for readers to find the material they are looking for. But after years of development, things are different now, everyone just needs a computer on a small table and that can be right on that computer. They will store hundreds of different documents for everyday use. Introducing the Polaris Office toolkit, manufactured by Infraware. This is a well-known Chinese software company that not only has the software but has also released a number of previous titles. This app will help a lot of users because it is packed with many unique features such as Text Editor, Table Maker, Slide Maker … It will be a great tool for those who do it. office work.
View and Edit Multiple Types of Documents
Users can use the application like a text editor with all the necessary functions that users can use. In addition, the application allows users to view and edit documents sent from different sources, and it also allows users to view files in formats such as PDF. These will greatly support your daily work.
Microsoft Office Powerpoint, Excel
In addition to the text, there will be files from Microsoft Office Powerpoint, Excel that users must-read. To buy a set of Microsoft Office office suites, users have to pay a small amount of money to own them. Imagine if you receive documents from a partner who needs Microsoft Office Powerpoint or Excel, it does not necessarily have to own the application to view and edit. You only need to download a single application, “Polaris Office”, to be able to perform all of the above actions. Support for many file formats application also supports decoding and reading a lot of different file formats such as doc, Docx, Xls, xlsx … This is very convenient because there are not many applications that support many formats. file format like “Polaris Office”. Users will no longer have to worry about having some files that normal applications cannot read.
Cloud Storage
Suppose your computer’s memory is full of previous documents and now has no room to store anymore. But that’s okay because the application allows users to link directly to cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox … Users do not need to go through many stages, you can directly upload your documents. cloud storage. This also helps users get a backup version in case the original is lost. When the problem occurs, people can download a copy immediately to continue their work.
Multi-Platform Data Sync
When accessing the application, the user will register an account to be able to use the application. The app allows you to log in to your account on many different platforms such as phones, tablets, laptops … This will support the work of the user if you are going away to do it. If incidentally, your laptop runs out of battery, you also have your phone to work. Because it has been synchronized on many different platforms, this is entirely possible.
Security of Your Documents
The application also provides users with extremely careful security standards and is AES-256 bit and SSL. This will be of great help in avoiding document thieves. Other people will not be able to read the material on your application unless your permission is given. With this application, you do not need to download many other applications to read documents, just download only one application. The app has everything included Word, Slide, Sheet, and PDF so users can do their work. The application only consumes a very small amount of space, but what it has is far beyond the imagination of the user. You will not regret it at all when downloading the application because the utilities it has will not be disappointing. Hurry up and download “Polaris Office” now to enjoy the best of the application for free.