Mostory 2.6.4 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

Mostory 2.6.4 (MOD, Pro Unlocked)
Version 2.6.4
Mod InfoPro Unlocked
Since the introduction of the Story feature, it has been quickly responded to by players from around the world. It was first launched in Snapchat, but this feature only really becomes more developed than ever when it comes to Facebook. When it first appeared on Facebook, this feature quickly gained a lot of popularity because users can use it to tell stories. Photos that users post on your profile will stay there forever unless deleted, so it’s a memory for users to remember. The feature is different; each photo posted by the Story feature users can only exist within 24 hours. So this app is excellent for telling a story. As a result, there have been many editing applications explicitly created for creating images to post in Story form. The most appreciated application is Mostory that users can use to create photos. This application offers users a lot of different tools for you to use and create the best images.
Like many other applications, users need to install this application first to use. Next, users need to choose a photo or a video for application analysis. It will take a short time for the app to get its job done. After the work has been completed, the user can use the application’s tools to edit it. Users do not need to be a professional to be able to use the application. Even users do not need to know too much about the application; they can use the application to edit. Sometimes the best key to getting the perfect shot is your creativity. So, let your creativity work so that you can get the ideal picture.
Use for both photos and videos
This application can give users the ability to edit both types of documents as images and videos. Often an editing application can only use one of two types that are images or videos only. This will allow the app’s creative team to invest in only one purpose that the user can use. If users want to use image editing and video editing features, users need two applications to do that. But this application can provide good support for both things for users to experience. Users can now use only one app to use both. Users can save a lot of memory to do other things.
There are many different forms for you to create your own story
There are many different ways for users to tell a story of their own so that users can learn about it on their own. So the application gives users over 300 different samples so users can use it for their stories. These templates will be combined with your image or status lines to provide the perfect picture. With the templates that the app offers users, you are free to create and freely tell your own story. The application also provides users with a massive stock of photos so you can choose the image you want. From those photos, combined with the player’s story, you get a great work of art.
Text editor with many new fonts
A good story requires a narrative for readers to understand the story that the user wants to convey. So sometimes, a photo is not enough to transfer all the content of the story, sometimes users need to have the text accompanying the image. Therefore the application has provided users with the ability to add text to their pictures for others to read. The application gives users a lot of new fonts so users can choose to enhance the art of the photo. Besides, the application also has many other tools that you can use, such as customizing the color of the text, font size, and many other things.
Light filters and effects
Two tools to help users get the best images and videos are light effects and filters. The application gives users a lot of different light filters so that users can choose for their photos. The application has a variety of filters, so the images edited by the application will have different strokes. Users only need to select what they need, and then the application will automatically apply it to users’ photos and videos. As for effects, the application gives users a lot of different effects for you to choose, such as VHS, Glitch.