Monster Farm 1.59 (MOD, Free Shopping)

Monster Farm 1.59 (MOD, Free Shopping)
Version 1.59
Mod InfoFree Shopping
We are always fascinated with new things and are bored with familiar things around. It is simply because the appearance of new things always makes us curious. Ordinary life is so familiar to you, so where is the world where magic and darkness come together? What is so scary like in the movie, where is it dreaming and beautiful? What if the lives of different people also appeared as our everyday life? Monster Farm is born to answer this question. This is a recently released farm game for any. Bring the unique combination, promising Monster Farm will help you exhaust extremely effective.
  Happy Ghost Village – Witch Mansion 
As a farm game, Monster Farm’s play style is extremely familiar and easy to understand. You will become the manager of a land where devils, witches, goblins, … are gathered and live. It sounds scary, but it’s all about gardening, delivery, candy, pet … Do all the tasks that most if in real life will bring joy to you. Each task will ask you to do different tasks. After completing each mission, you will receive a reward for any, it can also unlock a valuable item. The jobs are simulated so that the real thing, mostly foranj, has changed a bit so that they fit the game better.
  Create your own fairy farm 
In addition to caring for the farm, you can also save money to buy new land, add pets, etc. Not only that, the upgrading of crop products and livestock, they increase your productivity. At first glance, your farm is just an ugly piece of land, nothing special at all. Then, to the next level, you will have the opportunity to receive more decorations for your land more beautiful, modern. Every good and hard achievement is getting the purple stars, collect them to be able to exchange fascinating and exciting gifts.
Designed in 3D with a view of the same style of animation, chibi has excellent support for this type of gardening gameplay. The effect is smooth, smooth and the image is carefully invested, careful, it is difficult to find points do not like here. The sound is also a big plus that adds to the horror of the game, but no less fun. Overall, the elements of the game compensate for each other, but the effect is all about the title for the game – Halloween. This is a fascinating combination, expressing sophistication in the style of the publisher.
  Sum up 
If you are a fan of gardening and Halloween, Monster Farm: Happy Halloween Game & Ghost Village is a great fit for you. Watch out for a bit of fun, as you’ll see in the movie Transylvania, a world of supernatural things, but not as boring and chilling as it seems. In short, Halloween is here, so experience it with your friends.