Garena Free Fire 1.54.1 (Mega MOD)

Garena Free Fire 1.54.1 (Mega MOD)
Version 1.54.1
Mod InfoBLRX/Aimbot/ESP/Headshot

Install Instructions!
  1. Download APK and OBB file
  2. Install APK, unzip OBB to “Android/obb” patch into SDcard
  3. Download and install BLRX Antiban version 22
  4. Open BLRX and login with Username : bellara and Password : bellara
  5. Open game with BLRX and mod will be activated

Garena Free Fire deserves to be named as one of the best survival games on mobile right now. Since PUBG has emerged as the leader of this genre, many other products have sprung up. Garena Free Fire also appeared at the same time. Certainly, it must have a certain quality factor to let players stay with the game for so long. Garena Free Fire: Rampage is the latest version that you can play. In this part, there will be new features as well as features that enhance the player experience. If you are a player who already admired this game, you can enjoy; or you are looking for an exciting fighting survival game, this game is the answer.
Large map, enemies stalking everywhere
To save it, we need to find the most played map in Garena Free Fire which is Bermuda. These are now the only places you can join the ranking mode. In this updated version we will be coming to an entirely new area called Bullseye. It’s just an area like normal. There is still not too much information about the benefits when you come here. If there is any new information, we will update it right below this article. Besides the new Bullseye area, players can also get an attractive area when logging in to the game at present. Hot Zone will be one of the most popular places on the map because it is designed to spawns high tier supplies. In these survival games, you can pick up weapons or supplies that will have a more significant advantage than the same players.
Hundreds of different weapons and equipment
Two new things you can get in this version are a weapon and equipment. CG15 is the latest type of gun that you can get in the battle and use it to attack the enemies and become the winner. The interesting feature of this weapon is that you can charge up to use it more and more often. Besides, CG15 is equipped with a robust system that can cause more damage to your opponent. Info Box is a device that helps players to increase their flexibility. Basically, it will help players quickly know the next play-zone and current in-game airdrops. As long as you get information faster and more accurately than an enemy, you can gain an advantage. In this new version, equipped with CG15 and using the Info Box correctly, the player almost has greatly increased his winning rate.
Create a team with friends and fight
The initial stage is probably one of the most critical moments that can affect the outcome of the match. If you quickly get many items and hide immediately, the first survival rate is very high right then people are still weak, straightforward to destroy, so coordinating with each other is probably the right way. For example, if you want to be safe, don’t be afraid to use the ‘Team Parachuting’ feature to get along with your teammates from the first minute quickly. And finally, the latest point in this update is that the publisher gives the player a brand new character. Her name is Laura, and she has an eye-catching appearance. With this new update, players can also enjoy new Loading Image and Lobby Background Image. And the publisher also edited some Guild Systems. Your experience with the game will be enhanced.
The new updates will give you the best experience in this version of
Death Match is not really a strange mode for players of shooters in general and PUBG in particular. However, Garena Free Fire: Rampage has only recently updated this formula. For this format, the player fights genuine teammates. A team of 7-8 people will be formed and fight against an opposing team. After a specified amount of time, the side that kills the opponent more times wins. The number of enemies killed will be converted into points for you to follow. In this part, new weapons are also released to make the game’s arsenal more diverse. Powerful M28B with beautiful design. This gun is quite long and heavy, but it deals with tremendous damage. Besides a gun, there is also an entirely new character that appears in “Garena Free Fire: Rampage”. Wolfrahh was introduced as a new breeze. He joins the battle of an FPS game and he is also an FPS game streamer himself. The dynamic and energetic character of this character will surely make you interested.
Characters will be able to set their own skills and the circle notification function.
Each character in the game will have some strong personal skills. However, with the rapid change of in-game trends, you can now equip other people’s skills on your character. Of course, this will require you to have enough money to unlock that skill. Besides, this variety also makes players have to be a lot more cautious in the fighting. Unintended combinations not only do not work but also cause you to suffer disadvantages. Some skills will conflict with other skills so you need to learn carefully.
A more unique feature is circle notification. Sometimes you’re engrossed and unaware you are in danger because the safe zone is shrinking. It will shrink very fast so you will quickly lose HP and die. In this case, well-minded teammates will signal you right in the chatbox. This increases your chances of survival as well as your survival in many cases. In addition, the army system is also upgraded and optimized so that the ball can develop more strength if given the opportunity.