Dual Space (MOD, Premium)

Dual Space (MOD, Premium)
Dual Space (MOD, Premium)
App Name Dual Space
Version 4.0.7
Genre Tools
Size 11MB
Mod Info Premium

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What if you always use two phones to work, one to message, while the other to track? So now you do not need to work anymore, because the application that I will introduce today allows you to combine the two at the same time and does not affect each other. It’s Dual Space an application capable of cloning a different interface that helps you operate 2 accounts at a time without having to log out often.
Dual Space (MOD, Premium)


Duplicate interface

Yes, it is like turning the phone into 2 so it will create another interface similar to the original interface. And at this virtual interface, you can do everything without affecting the original interface. After the user determines to use two interfaces at the same time, these two interfaces will not be related to each other from settings to wallpapers. And on each of these interfaces, users can operate the same social application while simultaneously using 2 different accounts.
Dual Space (MOD, Premium)

Balancing things

Using 2 social accounts is also considered a benefit for ourselves. When you just work on this account, while we also do not miss any messages in the other account. However, users still cannot log in to the same account on 2 different interfaces. With the ability to use 2 accounts on 1 phone, you can now balance your work with life.

Interact with the entire social application

After appearing on the market, it was only able to work with “WhatsApp”, but now it is different. Almost all social networking apps now support this app. Now you are free to use this amazing ability on any application you want.
Dual Space (MOD, Premium)

Privacy space

If you are afraid of other people using your phone to view personal things, now you do not need to worry anymore. With the ability to duplicate these two interfaces, everything will be mirrored as well. While you do everything on the home screen, even your memory doesn’t change. Then in the second interface is when you lend your phone to others. With this ability, they can not find anything on your device at all, even the memory will be free and not affect the memory.
You can install the interface control in a way that suits your style and only you know it. Only when they know how to install your device, even if the smart guys use your phone, do not know how to access the home screen.
Therefore, the ability to protect important data also you will be more advanced when you use this feature. No one will know the truth about your device and they will never know it.
Dual Space (MOD, Premium)

Application Clone

It has the ability to duplicate applications, with each application will have different installation and account. The special thing about this feature is that it does not install any applications as you think. It will still be, but it is doubled without affecting each other, this is a great feature for those who have complex jobs.