Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice 4.7 (MOD, Coins/ Moves)

Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice 4.7 (MOD, Coins/ Moves)
Version 4.7
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Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice – Today is full of games with fascinating stories, very sophisticated investment by the studio. There are even teams that make games that are divided into game content writing teams, or they will take advantage of available content such as movies or anime to integrate gameplay. This proves that current players are much more difficult than before. They paid more attention to the content and saw it as a criterion for choosing leisure time worthwhile for themselves
Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice
This, in turn, creates an opportunity for a new game genre to appear on the market. To describe them, they belong to the role-playing game group combined with simulation. The most successful example of this type of play is Friends Forever Stories by the publisher Thanks to that success, their latest product in this design are called Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice was released in late 2018. In early 2019, it has continuously made essential updates to satisfy more than 1 million players worldwide.
Presents stories with visuals and animations
If you’ve ever been into books and read a lot of stories from different authors, you’ll understand how this game works. Sometimes when reading a good movie, you will feel very upset if the characters you love don’t handle the situation in a way that you feel right. So now that situation will fall into your hands, decide where everything will go in this game. Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice will lead you into a story and then gradually introduce the situation. At the bottom line, you will have to make your decision.
They will provide a contextual framework and 3 options for you to choose, the latter will depend on your choice – no compromises, no judgments and no holding back. You must quickly read and understand the difficulties that the story and the player’s decision must be fast and decisive.
Sum up
The game will integrate many different genres so you can freely choose your mood: teen drama, rom-com or suspense. Bạn có tên không rõ để chọn từ! In each of these genres, the story will have a different twist; the characters will be different rather than the former characteristics of the previous story. Players must be mentally prepared to participate in a game that brings a lot of fun as well as twists so unexpected that you can’t predict it. Also because of its inherent nature, the game will lead to different endings. So you can play a story over and over, just changing the way you handle the situation will bring different results.