Dead Cells 1.60.3 (MOD, Free Shopping)

Dead Cells 1.60.3 (MOD, Free Shopping)
Version 1.60.3
Mod InfoGode Mode/Free Shopping
Dead Cells is a Platformer game that has become too popular among the gaming connoisseurs. Since its launch in 2018 on operating systems such as PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox, players have had a few moments of gloat with its engaging gameplay. Up to now, when the game has achieved great success in the gaming industry in 2018, the publisher Playdigious has made new strides. Now you can play this game right on Android.
The 2D Pixel graphics won the big prize
For some people who don’t often play games when looking at Dead Cells will think it’s an old game. In fact, it uses a somewhat retro design, giving players the feeling that they are experiencing games on old generation consoles. These games offer a sense of adventure, and the gameplay is improved. So it is suitable for players of all ages, including veteran gamers and novice game players. This is a “Kill two birds with one stone” strategy, which helps this publisher achieve great success with the product they have just released. For those who have to learn with this series, you will quickly realize that Dead Cells has very similar characteristics to “THE LEGEND OF KAGE”. Let’s test what is similar and what is different? During the game, you will find some interesting things. >
Combat-heavy style
Unlike current popular games, Dead Cells has almost no strategic importance. That means if you are looking for a game that is entertaining by slashing and killing, then it is the right choice. Although using 2D Pixel graphics, the character’s movement is extremely smooth. Because actually this is just a form of simulation design but it still uses the latest imaging technologies. You will find that the character is extremely smooth fighting with powerful skills with a variety of weapons systems. Skill effects constantly explode but do not make the player feel confused. You will see clearly all the developments that are happening on the ring even if you release 5-7 skills at the same time.
A game that puts more emphasis on combat doesn’t mean you rush into battle mindlessly. Because it also uses an extra element, roguevania. That means as long as you are destroyed on your adventure journey, you will have to play it all back from the beginning. Before you dive into the battle, you have to figure out if you have the strength to defeat all the enemies and still be alive. If the answer is no then you will have to overcome easier challenges to upgrade your strength first. Then go back and continue to challenge yourself. Because there are challenges of this type, the game’s healing mechanisms also work differently. Usually, in the middle of the lane, there will be healing stations so you can recharge a certain% of HP.
The variety of skills and fighting styles
When entering the game, you will scroll side-scrolling from left to right. Players will continuously move by touching the screen on the left side. To which side you swipe your finger, the character will move to that side. The right side of the screen is where you will use the skills that the character can do. Each character has different skills and strengths depending on the arrangement system. But you should be able to use five to seven moves on the right side. For players who are familiar with it, the combo will be very smooth. That’s why you have to practice a lot to improve your level. Because the more challenging the future will require you to use skills without interruption. If you use the skill incorrectly, you will encounter pauses while fighting and it will definitely be a critical weakness.
Nonlinear Progression – Open-world combat simulation simulation
This is a completely new mechanic in this series where players can comfortably fight anywhere they like. Usually, when fighting in 2D platformer games like this, you will have to go sequentially from left to right. If you have passed a certain place, you will not be able to come back. Dead Cells on the other hand, opens up parallel worlds where you can constantly fight and return. Wherever you like to fight, you will be able to get there immediately without any barriers. This allows players to train their strength to overcome the more difficult challenges ahead. It solves one thing: you get stuck in the middle of the challenge and don’t know what to do with the old games.