Brave Frontier (MOD, Multi Features)

Brave Frontier (MOD, Multi Features)
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Final Fantasy, King of Fighters or Brave Frontier are the most popular RPG games on mobile that perhaps any player knows. Although a few years ago, when new technologies were developed and applied to the game, big monuments like Brave Frontier still didn’t show up in the audience. And Brave Frontier will be the content we learn in this article. Favorite RPG titles? Do you love unique Anime graphics? Do you like thrilling, engaging stories? Brave Frontier will not disappoint you.
The story
Brave Frontier is set in ancient times at the planet Grand Gaia. The war between people and gods broke out, causing many devastations, and traumas. Behind all these troublesome things is a goddamn man. He has caused disgust, causing the gods to feel disrespectful. The city of Randall, the center of the war, is very chaotic, and all destruction comes from here. Amidst the chaos, a god from another world appeared. Will this war end?
Hundreds Of Heroes. Millions Of Players. Be A Legend Now!
In the grueling confrontation between the sexes, you will be the guardian god from another world, participate in the war and reconcile both the people and the gods who are becoming blind. But apparently, your reconciliation has no weight, and you need to show your tactical power and talent and win them. So, to do this, you need to build a powerful army.
Because Brave Frontier is a role-playing game, with tactical elements, the character system is very diverse. You can find more than 400 characters, divided into different classes and sources of energy. Specifically, there are four classes as follows: Fire, Earth, Thunder, and Water. Each class has warriors of different powers, such as gladiator, dharma guard, archer, etc. But together, the point is that the warrior classes of each different class will overcome each other, Water, for example, fights Fire, Fire against Earth, Earth against Thunder and Thunder against Water.
It all forms an extremely diverse tactical system, creating a good environment for you to show your tactical thinking abilities. In addition to tactics, you also need to consider the character strength of the character. Use gold coins to upgrade and improve their fighting ability. The warriors in the same class, which have high attack stats, will probably have an advantage, right?
In terms of gameplay, the Brave Frontier follows a turn-based combat style. Every time it is your turn, the player will tap on the skills on the screen, select the character to develop attacks on the enemy. Until either team is destroyed, the game screen ends. In addition to plot mode, you can also join PvP battles with other players in the same system, or join a fight in Cross Brave Burst mode and develop amazing skill effects. Don’t miss this fascinating game.