Always on AMOLED | Edge Lighting 4.7.9 (MOD, PRO Unlocked)

Always on AMOLED | Edge Lighting 4.7.9 (MOD, PRO Unlocked)
Version 4.7.9
Mod InfoPRO Unlocked
Edge Lighting is a feature that can only be seen on Samsung high-end devices but rarely seen by other devices. Even Samsung devices are not sure if this feature can be used. This feature gives users a lot of different benefits, so it becomes worthwhile to appear in high-end devices. Because this feature has so many benefits, many users want this feature to appear on their device for use, even if it’s not Samsung. If users want this feature to appear on their devices, please go to the Always on AMOLED | Edge Lighting app to experience. This application is what gives users the Edge Lighting feature right on their device for users to experience.
Always on
If you have ever used or are using devices equipped with AMOLED or OLED screens, you will know this feature. This is a feature that makes the screen always light when the screen is turned off, but only lights certain things. But not all devices equipped with this screen are manufacturers integrated this feature for users to use. Users can download this app to keep their screens active, but not all of them are necessary. For example, a clock for users to watch the time without opening the screen or notifications and many other things. Users only need to take the phone out of their pocket to see what time it is now and get notifications sent to their device.
Provide Edge Lighting
This is a feature to notify on devices of Samsung’s flagship, and this application is what brings this feature. When the user incubates the phone on the table, when notified, the contours of the device for easy viewing. Users can experience this unique feature right on the user’s device; this is an exciting experience that the application brings. Users can go through those light lines to know if they have received a message or something else.
Variety of colors
Not only is there a default color, but the application also gives users a color palette with all the different colors for users to choose from. Users can select any color that they like to apply to their devices. Users can not only use one color but also can choose different colors so that they can be combined. In addition to colors, the application also has many different effects for users to select and use.
Compatible with many devices
The features of the application are designed for devices equipped with AMOLED or OLED screens so they can work best. But that doesn’t mean that screens like LCDs don’t use this application. This application is compatible with many different devices and with most types of screens available on the market. If the user is using an LCD or IPS device, the application will still work well but only use more battery.